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Is It Time To Renovate?

 Although this winter has been hot and cold (literally), it is about to finally come to an end. The change in season may bring you and your family down to the shore and if you have a beach home in Southern NJ, it may be time to spruce it up before the season really begins. Many times, the question is: When is the right time to renovate and what is my budget? Meloni Building and Renovations works with you to make the changes and adjustment to your home in a time frame and cost you can afford.

People remodel their homes for various reasons, may it be to increase value before selling, create more functionality or just because of a change in preference. Remodeling also helps a homeowner find renewed pride in their home. Below are some items to consider when renovating a space.

Items to consider when remodeling:

Open Floor Plan –While it may not have been as utilized years ago, today opening a space and increasing functionality of a room is high on the priority list – particularly at the shore. A shore home often hosts large groups of family and friends spending time together. While the existing layout of a room(s) may seem almost permanent, it can usually be altered to your prefered look. We can assess the area you would like to change and work together to open the space to best suit your needs. The Meloni Building and Renovations team specialize in gutting rooms down to the joists and knocking down walls to make for a more functional living space.

Tile, countertops and cabinets – While these selections are dependent on your preferences, they are very important to consider when remodeling. Do not only select a feature based on how it looks, think of the functionality it has for your lifestyle. Along with this, choosing the appropriate appliances and fixtures for not only the kitchen and bath, but the whole home is important to keeping you happy in your home for many years to come.

Color Change – A new paint color can change the entire feel of a room. Leave that to us!

Exterior – Based on the type of siding you currently have, sea air at the shore can speed up the aging process of the siding on your home. Not only can we renovate the exterior of your home, but we also specialize in stone work for the base of homes and on porches.

No job is too big or small for Meloni Building and Renovations. Whether you want one room worked on, or your whole house (interior or exterior), Meloni’s team will produce amazing results. Make sure to look through our gallery of projects that include various, unique design elements that exemplify our high-quality craftsmanship.

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