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Were the holidays a little cramped this winter? Is the flow of visitors in the summer at your beach home taking a toll on the space?

Whether it’s your year-round home, or summer beach home, your space should reflect your style and be comfortable for you and your loved ones. The years can get away from us and before you know it, the room or house isn’t as spacious as it once felt, the color and decor is out of date, or your appliances are all beginning to malfunction. It may be time for an update and Meloni Buliding and Renovations is here to help!

Below are few popular reasons that have led our clients to renovate their home:

To expand – Expanding and reconfiguring can improve your home’s function. Are there more people living in your home now than when you moved in? Maybe you have more “stuff” that you now need additional space to store. We could expand an existing room or have an additional room added on to your home. Porch and deck additions are another great option.

A change in lifestyle – Are your children all grown and moved out? Are you expanding your family? Is your space functional for the life you live? It is important to understand what is important to you and your loved ones in your home in order to create the most effective renovation plan.

Safety concerns & need for a more energy efficient home – Maybe you moved into a home that has a few pre-existing issues that need addressing. Or your home is on the older side and you wish to have new, energy efficient electronics and windows that help save money in the long run.

To increase the value of investment – Whether you plan to keep your home long-term or sell it in the future, it is important to keep up with your investment. Upkeep, look and functionality are key for all homes when it comes to value. Value decreases over time, so having renovations done can bring value back into your home.

Or simply, to update the overall look of the space/home – With so many house & home style TV shows and magazines readily available today, we understand how easy it is to find new renovation ideas and the need to adapt your home to match the latest trends. There is nothing wrong with wanting better and newer amenities to showcase your home.

We specialize in high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail which allow us to deliver exactly what you need. Whether your needs be full-home or individual room renovations, Meloni Building and Renovations can help bring your ideas to life.